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Our Vision
Gentlemen's reinterprets timeless and elegant classics for the modern man. We create high-quality products that make a real difference in your everyday life. Because with your Gentlemen's upgrade, you're not just adding a stylish accessory to your closet. You choose a loyal companion companion and become part of our journey.
Our company is built on three core principles:
High quality products
Innovation for every day
Excellent customer relationship
We have a high commitment to the quality of our products, both in the selection of materials and in the processing of these. At the same time we put great importance on the functionality of your accessories, so that you learn to love them in everyday life. We see the happiness of our customers as an important responsibility, which we conscientiously fulfill. Our product development is driven by customer feedback and open exchange. exchange. We are in constant contact with our customers in order to meet their needs and answer their questions. questions.
Our Team
What started with the spontaneous idea of Tobi and Samed, is now the passion of four ambitious team members. Every day we work on making the vision of Gentlemen's come true.
"From an idea, a passion and a team have grown, for which I am very grateful every day."
"Gentlemen's does not stand for products or our vision. Gentlemen's stands for our team and our customers."
"I am very proud to be able to present a brand like Gentlemen's to the outside that is managed with so much heart and soul."
Customer Service
"Products for gentlemen, timeless, simple and elegant."
Creative Media Design
"I truly enjoy bringing Gentlemen's products to you on social media."
Our Story

Samed and Tobi are not classic founders of a fashion brand, because as software developers they actually have a different background. What many consider impossible has become reality with Gentlemen's. From a spontaneous and at the same time crazy idea, a company was born. What drove them to take this big step was their common interest in overcoming new challenges and creating an environment in which customers, employees and themselves feel comfortable.

As longtime friends and fellow students, they eventually came to realize that they were missing many products on the market: Bags, whose compartments are really enough for all things in everyday life. Wallets that are practical but stylish to integrate into everyday life. Other accessories that follow a classic design. And that's probably where the well-known founder's idea set in after all: What there is not yet, you can just do it yourself!

The idea for Gentlemen's was born September 2020 and has been growing every day since then. If you want to learn more about our journey, we'll be happy to take you along on Instagram!